SMT’s core mission is to provide critical resources and technologies enabling sustainable space exploration and future settlements of the Moon and Mars. To achieve this, it is consensual that In-situ resources utilisation (ISRU) needs to be mastered: i.e. harvesting, storage, and transformation of locally available materials whenever this is advantageous against an Earth-based supply chain. However, ISRU poses some major challenges in terms of operations, energy usage, and resource management.


At SMT, we are developing payloads capable of extracting and processing extra-terrestrial material and turn it into useful resources. Our primary activities are related to:

  • Water extraction from ice-deposits;

  • Oxygen propellant production from lunar dust;

  • Sintering of lunar regolith into construction bricks;

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SMT team at ISU


We reached Technology Readiness Level 2 for water extraction technologies from ice-deposits, and we are now moving forward on to TRL3.

We have also already built a proof-of-concept for water extraction and showcased it at a conference at the International Space University.