At Space Mining Technologies we offer our clients and partners a wide range of consulting and development services. We strive for excellence and helping our clients be at the forefront of innovation and assisting their business to grow sustainably.

Below are some of the domains where we are currently engaged.

While striving for new heights in your business and being in the forefront of innovation, your business depends on designing and delivering the right solution. SMT’s experienced specialists in System Engineering domain can guide you through end-to-end design and development lifecycle which will not only empower your business but also provide a on budget and on time performance. Some of our key offerings includes:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development of System Physical Solution
  • Development of System Logical Solution
  • Effectiveness Evaluation & Decision-Making
  • Parametric Modelling of Systems
  • Optimization of System Physical and Logical Solution

Apart from consultancy, we also offer on-demand training and guidance for beginners as well as experienced developers in the field of system engineering. As no problem is alike, we consider each case with utmost attention to detail.

We offer consulting services for the design, analysis, development and optimization of different microscopic and macroscopic elements that leads to a better overview and improved efficiency of a complex system. Our experienced in-house experts have worked on custom made solutions for a wide range of topics, including:

  • Building a robust thruster performance predictive model from test data.
  • Modeling a complete fluidic propulsion subsystem (Electrical and Chemical) in specialized EcosimPro with ESA’s preferred propulsion toolbox.
  • Used CFD, CAD, and Mechanical Simulation software (ANSYS, NX, AutoCAD, Solidworks, OpenFoam) to design and evaluate the performance of several mechanical and fluid systems.

With ever growing data collection and advanced in processing platforms, it is imperative to design optimal solutions without being deluged by data and processes. Our Machine Learning consultants with their deep technological expertise help our clients achieve success with minimal resources and optimal efficiency. As our offering, we also help define our clients’ analytics implementation roadmaps and deployment strategy towards accelerating desired results. Some of the projects we have worked on:

  • Automated processing pipeline of large test data (10+TB).
  • Space hardware test data cleaning and visualization.
  • Anomalies detection and survival analyses.
  • Building Deep Learning Neural Network model, training, and hyperparameter tuning for ship detection from satellite images.

Our software engineering team have expertise in a broad variety of languages, platforms and software development frameworks. We have a strong emphasis on standard-compliancy and interoperability. Some of our past projects are as follows:

  • Development of Flight Dynamics System for the Ground Segment of an ESA’s mission.
  • Trajectory Optimisation Approach to Active Debris Removal by solving GTOC9.
  • Software design, specification, implementation, and validation, in compliance with ECSS standards.
  • End-to-End Software Life Cycle Management, DevOps, CI/CD, Software Integration

Are you facing challenges in your engineering projects? Send us an email at [email protected] to schedule a meeting and discuss how we can assist you.