About Us


We are working towards a world where tools and space resources are affordable and accessible, enabling humanity to reach, explore, settle, and live sustainably on new worlds.



In our work we always strive for high quality, on-time delivery, and cost-effective execution.


Our main drive is to see our dream of humankind being an interplanetary species succeeding and becoming a reality


Transparency and trust towards people we work with are crucial because of the importance of our mission

How We Started

Space Mining Technologies founders met each other at InnoSpace Startup Weekend in 2017. Already back then we shared the desire to make real the vision of commercial and affordable space resources utilization. We initiated the development of lunar in-situ resources utilization technologies: microwaved-based water extraction from lunar regolith and propellant production. Towards that end, Technology Readiness Levels 1 and 2 were achieved. Also, working toward TRL3, a first proof-of-concept demonstrator was designed, built and showcased at the Moon Village Workshop at the International Space University.

Highly skilled engineers later joined the founding team which expanded our capability in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Today, the team is multidisciplinary with experience from past positions held at space agencies, large space systems integrators, and background in the following area:

  • Space Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • In-Situ Space Resources Utilization
  • Rocket propulsion 
  • ESA and commercial space projects (qualification, acceptance, AIT, operations, of flight hardware and software)

Our Team


Lead Software Engineering

Albert is an ambitious engineer with strong analytical skills and an avid problem-solver. He has acquired in a Master's degree in Astronautics & Space Engineering at Cranfield University.Within SMT, he is currently leading the Software Development efforts, with a focus on AI, Operations, and AIC.

Bobby Bahov


Chief Executive Officer

Bobby is an experienced business executive with a diverse background and knowledge. He founded multiple ventures in the past in different industries and aspects of technology development. Passionate about exponential technologies and their effect on society and business, his biggest dream has always been to contribute to Space Exploration!



An engineer by heart, Felix is responsible for technical research and product design. He is pursuing a Masters degree from TU Munich in Germany. He is also engaged in the Project Management Office of the local student club, where he specializes in developing a propulsive system for a sounding rocket. Felix is a space enthusiast, eager to expand his horizon in all things technical.



Lunar Science Researcher

Josip is passionate about space exploration and technology. He enjoys solving complex problems and is interested in how the world around us works. Josip holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from TU Delft with experience from projects involving remote sensing and measuring technology. Within SMT, he is currently analyzing the lunar environment and its impact on future lunar missions.



Software Engineer

Matej's space industry experience includes a year in ESA as part of the Young Graduate Trainee program in the Software Systems division, with tasks spanning from simulating satellite communication, to non-flight and AI technologies. In addition he worked in start-ups in the fields of cubesats and mobile robotics. Matej has experience in control software, user interfaces for robotic systems, deep learning and AI, in addition to robotic and spacecraft simulations, rover hardware configuration and testing.


Head of Engineering

Patrick aspires to contribute to expanding life and Human presence into the Universe. His motivation is making the vision real: less talk, more action. He holds a MSc in Space Systems Engineering and a MSc in Chemistry & Physics. Patrick has built his early career in the area of Spacecraft Propulsion and Space Resources Utilization. He carried out his MSc thesis at the European Astronaut Centre (ESA/EAC) working on Lunar ISRU for Energy Storage and Oxygen Extraction.


Lead System Engineer

Tim always dreamed of travelling to the Moon. Because of that he started contributing to the space exploration community so that humanity could experience a world beyond Earth. Tim obtained a MSc in Astronautics & Space Engineering and worked on projects involving ISRU on the Moon and utilizing bamboo on Mars. He has built his career in the area of space systems engineering and is strives to make a significant contribution to human space exploration.



We are an international Space startup working on tools for boosting space exploration and resource utilization. Are you interested in space exploration? Passionate about innovation? Pushing the frontier? Join us!

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