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The dream for space exploration is

what ultimately connects us and pushes us forward.

Core Team



Albert is an ambitious engineer with strong analytical skills and an avid problem-solver. He has acquired in a Master's degree in Astronautics & Space Engineering at Cranfield University. Within SMT, he is currently working on the Thermal Subsystem Analysis and Design, but is eager to work on other fields such as AI, Operations, and Flight Dynamics.

Andreas ​


Andreas is an inquisitive, open-minded engineer with a passion for new technologies, hands-on engineering and space. He is currently studying Mechanical and Process Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He is a board member of the student society “TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V.”, where they develop a sounding rocket and a CubeSat. His expertise is in avionics/telecommunication, thermodynamics and measuring/control technology.


Chief Executive Officer

Bobby is an experienced entrepreneur with a diverse background and knowledge. He is most inspired when working on a new idea, project, or initiative. Passionate about exponential technologies and their effect on everyday life, business, and industries, his biggest dream has always been Space! An extroverted introvert, he organizes events with hundreds of people on various topics on weekly basis. However, he is still one of the biggest nerds you can find around.



An engineer by heart, Felix is responsible for technical research and product design. He is pursuing a degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering from TU Darmstadt in Germany. He is also engaged in the Project Management Office of the local student club, where he specializes in developing a propulsive system for a sounding rocket. Felix is a space enthusiast, eager to expand his horizon in all things technical.


Chief Technology Officer

Patrick aspires to contribute to expanding life and Human presence into the Universe. His motivation is making the vision real: less talk, more action. He holds a MSc in Space Systems Engineering and a MSc in Chemistry & Physics. Patrick has built his early career in the area of Spacecraft Propulsion and Space Resources Utilization. He carried out his MSc thesis at the European Astronaut Centre (ESA/EAC) working on Lunar ISRU for Energy Storage and Oxygen Extraction.


Business Development

Originally from Slovakia, moved and studied International Business and Management and focusing on finance. Entrepreneurial endeavours started at a young age. Always interested in technology and innovation. Excited about the space industry and have a dream to land on a moon for a business trip.


Lead System Engineer

Tim always dreamed of travelling to the Moon. Because of that he started contributing to the space exploration community so that humanity could experience a world beyond Earth. Tim obtained a MSc in Astronautics & Space Engineering and worked on projects involving ISRU on the Moon and utilizing bamboo on Mars. He has built his career in the area of space systems engineering and is strives to make a significant contribution to human space exploration.



We are an international Space startup working on a system to harvest water from the Moon.Are you interested in space exploration? Passionate about innovation? Pushing the frontier?Join us!




An expert in artificial intelligence, passionate about space exploration, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in astronomical instrumentation.

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